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Entrepreneur Ideas – Home Based Businesses

It is time to position yourself for growth this year. Research has shown that more and more people are working to start their own business. In this number, a majority of them are considering starting a home based business, and this is for a good reason. On an average, people have two to three careers in their working life. Those leaving one job often think of their second one and the third one being at home (home based).

At the same time, people who are about to retire often begin to think of things or careers they can start after retiring from their nine – to – five work. Well, the good news is that beginning a home based business is within the reach of almost anyone who is willing to take the steps and invest their time to make sure the business is successful.

1. Bicycle Repair

In many parts of the country, this kind of business tends to be seasonal. However, there is a way you can find your ways around this. A good example to achieve this is by renting a room that will act as the storage unit. The next thing is to offer to store your client’s bikes over the winter seasons or when they do not need them at the time. This is after you have done tune-ups and any other repair required.

By opening your business all year and long hours over the weekends, you will surely have a group of people who are enthusiast about cycling coming over.

2. Cleaning Business

A cleaning business may require experience, training or be licensing; and it will all depend on the services you are offering. A cleaning business is a vast market requiring several expertise. In other words, there are many directions you can take with this business. With this kind of business, you can either:

• Decide to work during the hours no one else does

With this kind of cleaning service, you will need to focus your services on office based clients and retail businesses. Restaurant cleaning is a great example.

• Decide to work during the regular working hours

With this kind of cleaning service, you will be working the regular hours like the way others do. This simply means that you have to focus all your efforts on clients who would like these services during normal hours. Boat cleaning, house cleaning, chimney sweeping/cleaning, carpet cleaning and others; all are examples of services that must be given during the day or normal working hours: https://selfemployedideas.com/what-is-entrepreneurship

NOTE: Some cleaning services require licensing, experience, and training; whereas others do not. Therefore, before starting on any cleaning service, it is important to know if licensing is required. For example, carpet cleaning services and house cleaning services may require licensing whereas chimney cleaning services does not.

3. Computer Repair Services

This is a field that requires knowledge, training and even licensing. The fact is that there is no way you can work on a computer without the knowledge of how they work and ways to diagnose problems. Therefore, familiarize yourself with all the leading software and hardware you will need. At the same time, get to know all the parts of a computer and the different brands available in the market.

The bottom-line is that by knowing everything there is to be known about computers, you will establish yourself as a computer Guru who can meet the needs of their personal computer users, small businesses, and others.

4. Dog Walking Services

In some cases, dog walking services requires training, experience, and even licensing. Dog walking service is booming these days and in the U.S., some cities such as New York, walking dogs alone is enough to feed a person. However, dog walkers offer other or additional services such as playing with the dogs, feeding pets, bringing newspapers, mails, and others. It will generally depend on what you offer.

5. Editorial Services

This is another home base business that is currently trending. Are you a good writer? Do you have computer writing skills? Well, if you do, then this is a great opportunity for you to be an editorial service provider. Below are some of the editorial services you can offer from the comfort of your home:

• Web Page Content Provider: A content provider task is to provide informative information for a website is a great way to make money writing.

• Magazine Article Writer: There are many online magazines and newspapers today. Writing for these online publishers is a great way to have your contents published without tackling with all the hassle of writing a whole book.

• Book Writing: Book writing is another great way to make money while at home. The best way to achieve this is by writing on something that you are experienced in, such as interior decorating, accounting and others.

• Copywriting: Copywriting is also known as business writing. This type of writing promotes a business, product or service.

Ghostwriting: Being a ghost writer is another service that is in an upward trend. As the ghost writer, you actually do the research and write the book and then someone else’s name takes credit as the author.

• Book Doctoring: A person or client will provide manuscripts written by a professional, which is informative. The task of a book doctor is to put it into publishable shape.

Developmental Editing: This is a person who is provided with a manuscript on huge projects like organization or content issues.

• Indexing: There are many indexing software online as well as courses.

Proofreading: The task of a proofreader is to go through a finished piece of work to make sure that the copyeditor’s changes have been properly made. This is simply another step to proofreading a content to make sure that everything is placed correctly.

Copyediting: A copy editor task is to check the facts, grammatical errors, writing style and typographical errors on a piece of document. Then they will correct all the errors and transfer the document to a proofreader.

The good thing about this business is that you may not be the one to do all the writing. All you can do is to start your own freelance writing business and hire others to help you. With this technique, your clients will hire you for all kinds of writing, which means more money to you.

6. Event Planner And Wedding Planner

For this kind of business to be successful, you will need to work with a marketing manager. The next thing is to visit different locations for potential event locations and learn everything available at each location. To be a successful event planner, you must start a catalog, which you can use to sort venues in such a way it will be easier for you to explain easily to your clients. Sorting may vary from the number of people it can handle to features.

On the other hand, as a wedding planner, you need always to be up-to-date with all wedding trends and fashions, color trends, dress styles and others. Offer your customers an all rounded service from locations, to wedding style and others. Do not forget about the flowers. With this technique, you will surely attract more brides or clients who are looking to get married.

Keep in mind that planning a wedding is a doubting task for the groom and bride. With this in mind, if you can offer every service required to make a wedding successful, the higher chances your business will be successful. If you are not in a position to provide each and every service needed to make a marriage successful, then you should consider partnering with other service providers such as florists, chefs/catering, and others.

7. Personal Trainer

Are you conscious about fitness and overall health well-being? Well, you can turn this into an income generating activity by becoming a personal trainer. This kind of business may require experience, training, and even license. To get clients, it is wise to advertise your services in places where everyone goes such as grocery stores and restaurants. Having a website is also an excellent way to get clients.

It is important to note that people want some privacy in their decision-making when it comes to getting fit. By going to your website, they will be in a better position to determine if your approach is best for them. Therefore, anytime you are marketing your business, it is important to emphasize the safety aspect of using a personal trainer.