Online Lead Generation Guide For The Beginner Professional


If you already have a website set up for your business, you’re off to a good start, but you do need to take into consideration that your leads are only as good as the pages you’ve created for them. Designing a landing page that’s not just user-friendly but retains interest isn’t as hard as some people may make it out to be, and the fact is, pretty much anyone can design a decent page for sales ¬†lead generation¬†services purposes.


Of course, if your website is fairly new, it can be a bit harder to rely on experience that you don’t have in order to figure out what will work in terms of generating leads, but rest assured that the guide below will help you get started in no time!



Include Contact Information


Give your potential customers a peace of mind and show that you’re serious about your business by choosing to display your contact information in an obvious place. Usually, the front page is a great way to catch attention, just make sure that the contact information is going to be present even if your customers are clicking throughout your website.


It has been proven time and time again that websites generate more leads when they have a phone number present as it builds trust. Not displaying your contact information may mean that you have something to hide, therefore, carefully placing your number where everyone is going to see it instantly is the best way to get started with lead generation.


Provide Easy Forms To Fill Out


You know your competitors well, and if you’ve ever been to a website that makes it impossible to get information without filling out dozens of forms, you know what a turnoff that can be for customers. If you value your leads and want to keep them around long enough to ensure they’re interested, post simple web forms throughout your website that they can fill out at a moment’s notice.


Keep in mind, many people are now using mobile devices, therefore, the less information you ask for, the better. Of course, in many cases, you’ll still need to ask for personal information from customers, but if you provide simple forms with few text boxes, people are twice as likely to provide personal details.


As an additional clincher in your lead generation process, never ask for personal information on the first page of your web form. Allow customers to get a feel for the form first and give them the ability to back out should they choose to do so. Remember, respect the privacy of your leads and make it easy for them to decide whether or not they’re willing to part with their information.




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Lend Your Site Credibility


You want your leads to trust you and believe in your product, but unless they’ve dealt with you before, it can be hard to hone trust from someone that doesn’t know you very well. For building trust and keeping your leads interested, make sure to lend your website credibility by displaying testimonials of past clients. If you happen to add their photographs to their testimonials, that lends your page, even more, credibility in the long run.


Keep in mind, you don’t need to overload your website’s bandwidth or make it a nightmare for your customers to load these testimonials. Use black and white photographs for an extra punch and display shortened versions of their reviews by using quotes.

Make Your Videos Meaningful When It Comes To Lead Generation


Using videos on the front page of your website is a great idea, especially if your business is based online. Videos not only offer better conversion rates, but they lend a human quality to an otherwise boring or impersonal website. Make sure, however, that the videos you’re creating aren’t talking down to your customers. The point being made is that your video should be filmed in a way where it appears that you’re talking with your customers.


Give your customers tips and advice that can make your company seem human and caring. There’s nothing more important than lending that extra vulnerability to your company as not doing so can be bad for your free lead generation. For example, instead of creating a video that’s pushing yet another sales pitch, create a meaningful video that talks about a product and its benefits.


Use Powerful Words When Describing Your Products


If you’re looking to get people to trust you, you need to provide plenty of headlines and words that can make your business appear to be more trustworthy than your competitors. Power words are great ways to gain that extra level of trust. What are power words? They are simple words such as “feel”, “get”, and “have”. These are the words that make people feel that they can relate to your product and your product can actually work to change their lives for the better.


For example, a website that deals with chronic pain will generate leads looking for a cure for their pain. In this case, you would emphasize getting better or feeling good in your own skin. These words are not to be used lightly and don’t use too many of them as they can quickly start to lose their meaning.


Add A Trust Seal


A trust seal isn’t just great for visual impact, but it offers a guarantee that can make your leads trust your website above everyone else’s. Basically, you need to promise your leads that your website is the key to solving their problems, but do this in a manner that doesn’t come across as a pure sales pitch. Many websites that incorporate a decent trust seal can experience an over 7% better conversion rate than those that don’t.


Make sure that your seal blends well with your website and it isn’t jarring. Of course, you’ll want your generated leads to see your seal, but you don’t want to make it too obvious as that can be a real turnoff for many.


Don’t Use Website Templates


If you want your leads to trust your website and you want to lend your business plenty of credibility, make sure you avoid using cookie-cutter website templates that dozens of other business owners have used before you. Not only does it look cheap and unprofessional, it makes it seem that your website really isn’t trustworthy. You want people to part with their money, but they’re not going to do so if you can’t be bothered to put together a decent website.


If you believe in your business enough to attempt to generate leads, then it’s important to hire a professional web designer. Make sure that your website reflects your business and the items you’re selling as that can be a real dealbreaker for many leads.



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Consider What Leads Mean To You


Generating leads is a broad term that can mean a variety of different things depending on the business owner. For some, a generated lead may be as simple as someone that fills out a web form on your website. On the other hand, for some businesses, a lead is a customer that actually ends up purchasing something. The important thing to consider is what a lead means to you before you go and design your website as the end goal should be an integral factor in the overall look and feel of your page.


Always adjust your goals according to what you’re hoping to get out of your leads. If someone filling out a form or sharing your page on Facebook is enough, you’ll simply have an easier time meeting the goals you’ve set. However, if a lead is someone that becomes a lifelong customer, you really have your work cut out for you as that is easier said than done.


Use Whitespace Correctly


The first time that a lead visits your website, you need to convince him or her that your business is the one they need. Unfortunately, your website does have an integral part to play in whether or not a person chooses to deal with your company. A well put together website will use plenty of whitespace and give breathing room to their leads. You absolutely don’t want to overwhelm people visiting your website as that can have an adverse effect on whether or not they choose to have a relationship with your company.


Don’t add too many graphics in order to use up blank space on your website. Most modern websites are created with blank space in mind, and it’s a tactic that has worked again and again for thousands of business owners. Remember, the old adage that less is more is true in this case as well.


Add A Call To Action


What do you want your visitors to do? You can’t assume that people visiting your website are going to know what you want of them. After you’ve designed a savvy website using blank space, trust seals, and contact information, you will want a strong call to action that urges your visitors to commit to doing something.


Many companies use one-day sales or giveaways as a call to action and they put a time stamp on it that makes the leads act quickly. You don’t want people thinking that they can come back to your website and get the same deal months from now! You want money now, but you need to convince your leads that they need to part with their cash ASAP or else.


Test Your Lead Generation Tactics


Don’t just assume that everything you’re going to do on your website is going to work. Lead generation requires skill, patience, and experience in order to make it work smoothly for your company. Though some people may make it seem like it’s easy to generate leads overnight, the fact is, it can take months of trial and error before you figure out what does indeed work for your business.


There are many softwares and resources online that can help you analyze your lead generation tactics. It allows you to invest more time and energy into tactics that are guaranteed to work in the long haul as opposed to tactics that may only work once or even serve as a setback.


Ease Anxiety For Your Leads


One of the biggest reasons that most leads don’t end up dealing with a company is because they don’t trust them with their privacy. It’s important to give your leads a peace of mind by stating upfront how you’re going to protect their privacy and how you will use the information that they’ve provided on your website. Saying that your website is BBB accredited or there are certain trust certifications in place can help ensure that your leads feel less anxious to click your links or do business with you.


Give Offers To Everyone


Though it was discussed that you need to figure out what you want to get out of your lead generation, you need to be willing to give your leads some freedom to figure out what they want by providing offers for the different stages of interest. For example, someone may just be looking for information in regards to your company such as pricing or a warranty, so make it easy for them to find this information. Someone at the beginning stages of the buying cycle may want a free trial, so in any case, you need to consider the different stages it takes to make someone committed to your company.


Lead generation is an exact science, no matter what anyone will ever tell you. Creating a website that generates leads is easy for the most part, but there’s plenty of trial and error involved if you want to make these tactics work for you. Though the bottom line is that you want to make money, you can’t make this too obvious for your leads as it will decrease your trust rating and it will be a turnoff for your generated leads. If you’re ready to earn some money, make sure to follow the guide outlined above for success!