Tips To Generate Sales  Leads Online


It won’t be wrong to say that the most important resource for any business is leads. Thanks to the Internet, lead generation has become much easier. Earlier, marketers had to depend on word-of-mouth referral as well as painstaking research along with cold calling to generate sales leads that usually converted at a very low rate.


However, Internet has made lead generation relatively easy but it is also important to mention here that competition has become tough in all niches. So, if you are struggling to generate sales leads online, here are a few tips to help you generate a lot of highly targeted leads for your business.


One of the best ways to generate leads online is to give prospects something in return for their e-mail address. After all, everybody loves to read and want to know more about their particular industry. The information can be given in the form of an e-book. However, it is important that you do not promote your own products or services in the e-book as people are not likely to trust that information if they feel that they are being sold. They just want the information.


Therefore, it is important that you write the e-book from neutral perspective and give your prospective clients actionable insights. This e-book should be shared on various social networks and you should also ask your network to share the e-book.


Once you have created the e-book, it is important that you create a landing page where visitors can input their name, phone number as well as e-mail address and get a chance to download the e-book. There are a number of tools available on the market these days that can help in setting up a download page and lead generation page easily.



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Many businesses make the mistake of not having a newsletter even in these times. It is extremely important to have a newsletter for your business as it is one of the easiest ways to generate online leads. In addition to having a newsletter, it is important that you put the subscription box in prominent places on your website to allow visitors to sign up to your newsletter.


Newsletter will not only give you a captive audience but interested people who subscribe to your newsletter are also likely to open it and read it. Make sure that the newsletter is not about your own products and services but you should provide information to your customers about your industry and how you can help them.


One of most popular ways to generate online leads these days is blogging. It is extremely easy to set up a blog as the most popular software for setting up a blog is completely free and open source. Having a blog allows you to publish content on a regular basis and create an audience for your content. It also gives you complete control over the information you want to share. It important that the blog you create is optimized for lead generation.


You should have a signup section for your newsletter as well as for your e-book on prominent places on your blog. You may also use a pop-up where readers can subscribe to your newsletter or download your e-book is in exchange for their e-mail. Needless to say, your blog should provide useful information instead of just being used for promoting your product and services. The blog will not only help you in generating online leads but it will also help you in creating trust and presenting yourself as an authority in your business niche.


Do you know anyone who is not on at least one social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube among others? The truth is that almost everyone is on one or many social media networks. You should take advantage of huge numbers of users present on these social media networks. All of these social media networks allow other users to follow users and therefore, you need to set up a profile for your business in the right manner.


Other users on the social media networks also have their own personalized profile. This personalized profile allows you to know more about them and target them. It is one of the most powerful ways to build your online presence and get online sales leads. It is important that you update social media on a regular basis. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to interact with people on social media networks. After all people are on these social media networks to interact with others.


You won’t be able to get much traction if you do not interact with your followers. You should also put links for your signup page on your profile that will allow people to visit your landing page and subscribe to your newsletter or download your e-book.



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There was a time when online video was a novelty but these days, video has become extremely common online. It is estimated that almost 50% of the bandwidth conception will be dedicated to video in the coming years. People are used to watching videos online and you should take advantage of this trend by developing an engaging video. It is important that you do not produce another run of the mill commercial. People these days want something unique.


They want to be entertained. However, this does not mean that you cannot inspire them to subscribe to your list. Create a video in an engaging manner that will force viewers to subscribe to your list as they would want similar content. Once you have created an engaging video, post it on Youtube as well as on other social media networks. Buy advertising to make it viral and see the leads pour in.


Another way to generate highly targeted online leads is to create an engaging infographic. While it is true that infographics are everywhere these days, the quality of infographics has gone way down. You can differentiate yourself by creating a high-quality infographic that is not only useful but presents the information in an engaging manner. People love something unique, different and informative.


You may hire the services of a designer to create an engaging infographic. Once the infographic has been created, share it and also ask your network to share it as much as possible. There are also several publications that publish high-quality infographics. You may also share this infographic with publications in your industry. Do not forget to include your website on the infographic that will allow readers to visit your website.


One of the most effective ways of online lead generation is webinars. There are a number of webinars services that allow you to conduct an webinar inexpensively. It allows you to get your message out to thousands of potential customers. As mentioned above, people are used to watch videos online and a highly informative webinar will not only help you in capturing leads but it will also allow you to enhance your brand.



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There are a number of ideas around which you can build your webinar but keep in mind that it should not just be about your products and services. If you just try to sell things, they won’t like you and you won’t be able to generate any sales leads online. So, once you have finished the webinar, you should ask attendees to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website or download your e-book. You will get lots of signups this way.


Another great way to generate leads online is guest posting. There are over 250 million websites online and all these websites need content as without content they are not going to get any traffic from search engines. However, every Webmaster does not have the time or money to post engaging content on a regular basis. This is the reason that Webmasters are always looking for high-quality content from guest posters.


You can take advantage of this need by providing high-quality content to these websites. You can easily find websites that are looking for guest posts by searching online. Once you have found such websites, send them a request along with your guest post to publish it. Include some links to your website and if your guest post is engaging, you will get a lot of traffic from high-quality blogs in this manner.


Online forums can be a great way to generate highly targeted leads. There are tens of hundreds of forums on almost all the topics which mean that you have hundreds of opportunities to generate leads for your business. First of all, you should find forums related to your niche by searching online. Once you have found a good number of forums with high membership, you should create your account online and start sharing useful information about your industry.


It is important that you do not start promoting your business straight away. The best way is to create an authoritative account on these forums by helping other members and by sharing useful information. You can generate huge number of leads by including a link to your website in your signature and on your profile.


Overall, these are some of the best ways to generate online sales leads. Keep in mind that online lead generation is not only affected by the traffic you are able to drive to the landing page but also by the conversion rate of visitors into subscribers. So, pay attention to the design of the landing page to ensure that you can get as many subscribers as possible from the visitors.